Commercial auto insurance provides broad protection that can be important to many people, including truck drivers, snow plow operators, tow truck drivers, couriers, business owners, and even pizza delivery guys. Many of the common types of personal car insurance coverage apply to commercial auto insurance, such as: Bodily injury liability. Property damage. Comprehensive. Collision. Medical payments. Personal injury protection (PIP). Uninsured/underinsured motorist. As a commercial vehicle driver or owner, you may be required to carry some or all of these coverages. Even if you're not, it's still wise to consider having them. A solid commercial auto insurance plan can save you from a financial disaster, regardless of whethe you're an independent contractor or the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

A commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle used for business or commercial purposes. If you own a business that uses a vehicle or number of vehicles for commercial purposes, insure those vehicles with a commercial auto insurance policy. Insuring commercial vehicles can be more costly than purchasing personal auto insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance requirements vary by state, but meeting your state's liability requirements―at the very least―protects you, your employees, and your business.

Commonly Insured Commercial Vehicles

Commonly insured commercial trucks and vehicles include the following:
  • Passenger car.

  • Passenger bus.

  • Mini van.

  • Agricultural truck.

  • Box or straight truck.

  • Cargo van.

  • Car carrier.

  • Flatbed truck.

  • Catering truck.

  • Cement mixer.

  • Delivery van.

  • Hearse.

  • Ice cream truck.

  • Passenger van.

  • Motor home.

  • Limousine.

  • Pickup truck.

  • Fifth wheel truck.

  • Sport utility vehicle.

  • Pump truck.

  • Step van.

  • Tank truck.

  • Trunk tractor.

  • Tow truck.

  • Refrigerated truck.

  • Wheelchair bus
  • .

  • Wheelchair van.


Additional commercial vehicles you might want to insure include front loaders, garbage trucks, and roll-on vehicles; however some insurance companies only offer physical damage coverage for these vehicles. For this reason, be sure to inquire about the type and amount of coverage available for all vehicles, prior to purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy.