The life insurance marketplace can be a confusing place for most consumers. At insurancepointusa,our entire team of insurance professionals can provide you with much needed insight into the different types of life insurance coverage available and the advantages of each. We offer a full range of choices and back them up with the best customer service in the industry.

Term Life Insurance

As the name indicates, term policies cover a specific period of time and may be renewable or nonrenewable depending on the particular policy. While 10, 20, and 30-year terms are most common; we may be able to negotiate a different duration that better suits your needs. Premiums for these life insurance policies remain stable and predictable throughout the coverage period. Term life is most suited to younger individuals who want to secure protection for their families and dependents at an affordable rate. After the term expires, most policies can be converted into whole life arrangements at a somewhat higher premium rate.

Whole Life Insurance

The most common and popular type of life insurance, whole life delivers stable payments and allows increased flexibility in payment plans. Whole life policy premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or once each year to maintain coverage. In some cases, whole life insurance coverage can be configured to allow a specific payoff date; although you will not pay premiums after that date, your coverage will continue to provide financial protection for your loved ones. We deliver the right solutions for your insurance needs at every phase of your life. Whether you are just starting a family or planning your retirement, we can help you provide protection for the ones who matter most to you.